Vegetable Seeds

We stock a huge selection of seeds including many popular varieties of vegetable plants, herbs, wild flowers and seasonal annuals. Great for beginner gardeners and children they offer great value and are a joy to watch develop.

Vegetable seeds are an essential for any gardener. They are quick and easy and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Salad leaves, radishes, spring onions and beans are some of the easiest veg to grow. Typically you sow them from March through the summer. Salad leaves only take a few weeks to be harvested and also produce leaves until late autumn.

The key to planting seeds correctly is by starting inside. You should fill a seed tray with moist compost and sprinkle the seeds evenly on top. Keep this tray covered to ensure the seeds remain moist and place them in a warm area until they germinate (sprout). Transplant the seedlings into individual pots and keep them in the shade. Finally you are able to plant them outside or wherever you choose.

Furthermore, an important tip for any beginners is to not plant your vegetable seeds too deep in the ground. If you plant seeds at a depth two to three times their width, you will ensure they receive the right amount of light and nutrients. Vegetables are also relatively fast growing plants and therefore it it important to keep them well watered.

Growing your own food not only saves you money but also is a joy to watch grow and a great step in becoming more organic. With fast and local delivery, buy your vegetable seeds in preparation for this summer.


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  • Aubergine Early Long Purple 2 Seeds

    Plenty of large elongated fruits, for greenhouse crops

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  • Green Manure

    Green Manure Seeds

    Green Manure is a natural way to protect & improve soil. A cover of green manure discourages the spread of weeds. It also prevents the soil from becoming lifeless and parched in the hot summer weather

    £2.85 Add to Basket
  • Beetroot Boltardy Seeds

    A favourite bolt resistant variety, ideal for early sewings

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Beetroot Cardeal F1 Seeds

    High quality beets, show mildew resistance

    £2.65 Add to Basket
  • Beetroot Cylindra Seeds

    Popular variety for slicing. Easy to grow, long tasty roots

    £2.40 Add to Basket
  • Beetroot Detroit 2 Seeds

    Organically grown seed, great tasting, deep red roots

    £2.40 Add to Basket
  • Beetroot Moneta Seeds

    Bolt resistant monogerm type, needs less thinning.

    £2.40 Add to Basket
  • Beetroot Perfect 3 Seeds

    Popular and reliable variety for baby and large beets

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Broad Bean (Dwarf) The Sutton Seeds

    Very hardy, easy to pick dwarf variety, perfect for small and exposed gardens

    £2.85 Add to Basket
  • Broad Bean Aguadulce Seeds

    Extremely popular and hardy longpod variety, especially good for early sowings

    £2.85 Add to Basket
  • Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds

    Reliable longpod variety which produces good yields of testy white beans

    £2.85 Add to Basket
  • Broad Bean Witkiem (Manita) Seeds

    One of the earliest and quickest to crop. with high yields of tasty beans

    £2.85 Add to Basket
  • Broccoli (Sprouting) Claret F1 Seeds

    Vigorous and heavy cropping variety

    £2.55 Add to Basket
  • Broccoli Red Admiral Seeds

    Extra early, tasty and tender spears.

    £2.55 Add to Basket
  • Brussels Sprout Attwood Seeds

    Hardy plants with sweet tasting buttons.

    £3.60 Add to Basket
  • Brussels Sprout Igor F1 (Organic)

    Brussels Sprout Igor F1 Organic Seeds

    Brussels Sprout Igor F1 Organic Seeds are a robust variety. The strong and vigorous produces great numbers of firm sprouts with exceptional flavour and texture. The tall stems are highly productive an

    £3.30 Add to Basket
  • Brussels Sprout Igor

    Brussels Sprout Igor F1 Seeds

    Brussels Sprout Igor F1 is a robust variety. The strong and vigorous habit provides a very hardy plant that stands well in the ground. Throughout the Autumn months, sweet and solid mid-green buttons

    £2.80 Add to Basket
  • Kohl Rabi Ballot F1

    Kohl Rabi Ballot F1 Seeds

    Kohl Rabi Ballot F1 is an easy to grow, high quality variety. Produces good sized globes of delicately flavoured, succulent flesh. Shows resistance to bolting and stem splitting.

    Sow: March-July

    £2.65 Add to Basket
  • Melon Emir F1

    Melon Emir F1 Seeds

    Melon Emir F1 is a fast maturing variety and tolerant of cool conditions. It is ideal for an unheated greenhouse, cold frame or even in a sunny sheltered position in the garden. This variety has been

    £2.85 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage (January King) Noelle F1 Seeds

    British bred, winter hardy variety.

    £3.10 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage (Red) Rookie F1 Seeds

    Early crops of outstanding quality.

    £3.10 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage (Savoy) Tundra F1 Seeds

    Hardy savoy and white cabbage cross

    £3.60 Add to Basket
  • Brussels Sprout Green Marble F1 Seeds

    The ideal, high yielding Christmas and winter sprout

    £3.65 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage (Red) Fuego F1 Seeds

    The ideal, high yielding Christmas and winter sprout

    £3.65 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage (Savoy) Vertus Seeds

    "Ormskirk' type, a hardy and reliable, extra late, green savoy

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage Greyhound Seeds

    Popular, tasty and reliable pointed summer cabbage

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage Langedijk 4 Seeds

    Great autumn-winter variety, stores for weeks after cutting

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage Offenham 2 (Flower of Spring) Seeds

    Very popular as a 'hearted' spring cabbage and as 'greens'

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Cabbage Primo (II) Seeds

    Compact and dense, medium sized heads in summer

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Carrot Amsterdam Forcing 3 Seeds

    One of the earliest to harvest for sweet 'finger carrots'

    £2.40 Add to Basket
  • Carrot Chantenay Red Cored 2 Seeds

    A popular high yielding, long season variety

    £1.90 Add to Basket
  • Carrot Flyaway F1 Seeds

    Popular variety, specially bred to deter carrot root fly

    £3.50 Add to Basket

Showing 1–32 of 109 results