Hedging Plants

Hedging plants  create privacy and screening in your garden. Hedging shrubs are available in small medium and large sizes to suit any budget. Mature large shrubs achieve instant privacy and screening. Additionally evergreen varieties  create year round privacy in your garden.

Hedging plants are fast growing and available for next day delivery.  Leylandii, Laurel, and Photinia are all popular varieties. Furthermore they are low maintenace and do not require regular pruning. For best results prune once or twice a year ( spring and autumn).  When is it best to plant a hedge, we are often asked this and we suggest the spring or autumn. Tall hedging is popular furthermore it creates instant privacy. Plant a new hedge with laurel for great results. Laurel is evergreen and fast growing.  Compact hedges

Hedging shrubs adore good quality soil improver or compost. Melcourt compost and mulch  is sustainably produced, organic and ideal for hedging. Buy hedging plants online from Meadowfarmplantsdirect.co.uk. Same day delivery on orders before 11am. Delivery is free on orders over £25 to Hayling Island, havant, Emsworth Langstone, Bosham.

Hedging grows well in containers and troughs. Plant hedging shrubs in large troughs for instant impact. Instant hedging troughs are available online. Hedging shrubs like to be well watered when you plant them. Water every day in the summer until established. Feed every 3-4 weeks with granular or liquid plant food. Contact us for large orders of hedging. Want advice before you order contact us first. Free professional advice given on all orders. Delivery direct to your door

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    Box Hedging

    Box hedge plants or Buxus sempervirens is a very popular plant for low formal hedges, as the small, glossy, green leaves and compact growing habit makes it a great low maintenance option. Box plants w

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  • Sale! 2ft Laurel Hedging Deals

    2ft Laurel Hedging Deals

    2ft Laurel Hedging Pack. Fantastic Evergreen Plants....Superb Value...2ft tall plants

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    12 for £100

    Laurel Hedging makes fantastic evergreen hedging....60cm pla

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  • Sale! 3ft Laurel Hedging Deals

    3ft Laurel Hedging Deals

    3ft Laurel Hedging Deals, Fantastic Mature Evergreen Plants....Superb Value...3ft plants

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    6 plants for £100
    10 plants for £160

    Prunus laurocerasus, commonly known as lau

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  • Sale! 4-5ft Laurel Hedging Deals

    4-5ft Laurel Hedging Deals

    4-5ft Laurel Hedging Deals, Fantastic Evergreen Plants....Superb Value...4-5ft plants

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    Prunus laurocerasus, commonly known as laurel and also known as Cherry Lau

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