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Fertilisers & weedkillers enable you to bring out the best in your garden. Plants have varied requirements for growing healthy and looking their best. Plant fertilisers will make available essential nutrients to plants. Weedkillers will control unwanted plants. Pesticides will control aphids and other common garden pests.

Healthy plants are more resistant to pests and diseases. So alway try to use fertilisers and weedkillers sparingly. Additionally look for natural alternatives first. Careful planting and good gardening will resolve many problems before they appear.

Use Rose-clear on roses to prevent mildew and black spot. Roses look fantastic during the summer. Roses are susceptible to rust, mildew and blackspot which effects their appearance.

 Plant new shrubs and perennials in the spring. Ensure the ground is well prepared and use bark mulch to suppress weeds. Feed plants with granular plant food when planting. Additionally use liquid food on established plants.

Spring is a good time to apply lawn sand and weed and feed. These will get rid of unwanted moss and broadleaf weeds. So leaving your lawn looking amazing for the summer.

Plant all plants in good quality compost. Melcourt compost is peat free, sustainably produced and accredited by the RHS. Furthermore we stock Melcourt range fo composts. So add co post to your order and give your plants a healthy start to life.

Buy fertilisers and weedkillers and get free delivery.  Delivery is available to  Hayling Island, Havant, Langstone, Emsworth and Bosham. Click and collect orders can be collected from our Nursery at sawmills Farm Monks Hill Westbourne PO10 8QP

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  • Baby Bio houseplant food

    General purpose feed for house plants 175ml

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  • Bugclear gun spray

    General purpose bug spray that treats Aphids, caterpillars,Whitefly, Mealy bug and red spider mite. 1L

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  • Ant Killer

    For the control of ants, cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice and other crawling insects in the home and garden.

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  • Organic Rooting Powder 50g

    Growth supplement containing an organic source of seaweed and minerals to help create conditions which encourage deep and healthy root development in cuttings and young plants.

    50g pot

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  • Fungus Clear Ultra Gun

    General purpose pesticide to treat Black spot, Powdery Mildew and Rust. Treats existing infections and is preventative against future fugal infections.

    1L container

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  • Patio magic

    Patio magic kills and controls green mould and algae on your patio or driveway. It is biodegradable and requires no scrubbing or pressure washing, just dilute and apply with a garden spray or watering

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  • Sale!

    Slugs be gone!

    Provides an instant and effective barrier to stop Slugs & Snails.
    Protects plants & wildlife. Ideal for organic gardening.
    Stops Slugs and snails in their tracks!
    1.65L Box

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  • Weedol Pathclear

    Weedol Pathclear is a contact weedkiller that kills to the roots and creates an invisible barrier to prevent new weeds for up to 3 months.
    1L Spraygun

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  • Fast Growing Lawn seed 20sqm

    DOFF Fast Growing Lawn Seed is quick and easy to sow and the lawn remains low maintenance once established. With super fine appearance you simply use this anywhere for a thicker greener lawn.


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  • Lawn seed (shady)

    Shady Place Lawn seed is specially formulated to produce an excellent lawn under shady conditions using different types of fescue and browntop bent.
    Shady Place is suitable for areas in shade from tr

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  • Multi Purpose Lawn seed 20sqm

    DOFF Multi Purpose Lawn Seed is great for establishing new lawns or renovating existing area. The quality seed mixture will give a superb, hard wearing lawn. It is an ideal mixture for over seeding in

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  • Container & Basket feed

    General purpose feed that maintains healthy growth and large blooms in all container and basket grown plants . 1L

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  • Liquid Growmore 1 litre

    DOFF Liquid Growmore is a fast acting liquid plant food with micro-nutrients for the strong, healthy growth of flowers, fruit, vegetables and shrubs in both gardens and greenhouses.

    Bottle contains

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  • Organic Bonemeal 1.25kg

    Vitax Bonemeal is an organic fertiliser which provides both phosphate and nitrogen, two elements essential for healthy plant growth.
    This slow, steady release of nutrients over a long period makes Bo

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  • Multi-purpose liquid plant feed

    General purpose liquid plant feed. Suitable for hanging baskets, pots and house plants. 1L

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  • Tomato feed

    Liquid tomato feed 1L

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  • Weedol Rootkill Weedkiller Spray

    Weedol Gun Rootkill, kills all green plant growth, including grass.

    Systemic weedkiller, killing all garden broad-leaved and grass weeds down to the root so they won't grow back.

    Acts fast, with

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